I remember reading about Tinder when Chris Pine mentioned it on his interview with cosmopolitan. I downloaded the app with my college roommate curious to see what Tinder was. I remembering hating the idea of having to set up a profile. There was so much pressure in making a witty comment on the description box to make myself more appealing in order to get the guys to swipe right. I’ve started to date tinder on/off for two years now. Whenever I felt lonely or bored, I’d download Tinder. Whenever I got tired of the games, I’d delete the damn app. While my friends were meeting their boyfriends on tinder and all I was getting sext messages. All the good looking guys I ever matched with on Tinder, either had terrible personality or were only looking to f**k. Some of them never even messaged me! I acknowledge that we live in an era where a girl can be the first to message a guy but can’t a girl want to feel wanted? Here is a valuable lesson to all the females out there, if a guy likes you, he WILL make a move. I’m the kind of girl who can’t do one night stands or casual hook ups and I’ve been single for two years…. I’m dying right now. I am vicariously living through the protagonist of the romance ebooks.

              Finding something real on Tinder has been a pain in the ass. Some guys take forever to ask for my number and even longer to ask me out on a date. Not to sound vain but I’m a beautiful girl with a brain; I have an awesome personality and great friends. In conclusion, I am a catch. Meeting men on Tinder is not how I’ve pictured it. Telling people I met the guy on Tinder is not how I pictured either. Almost everyone is on Tinder but theres seems to shame in admitting you are on Tinder. I don’t f**king understand why? I’ve recently gotten back on Tinder and I still feel like its a great waste of my time, but if not Tinder, how else do I meet guys. Every other methods I’ve tried has failed. Where do I have to go to meet a guy who is assertive, handsome, intelligent, funny, loving, and caring? Do I really have to lower my standards just to find some type of affection? Here is a lesson to the fellas out there, ask a girl out if you like her and don’t ask her “where would you like to go”! Make a plan, give her two options, and let her make the final decision but you have to be the one to give options. I hate it when a guy asks me where I would like to go, and I am positive there are many who have been in similar situations who feel frustrated in having to make all the decisions. Tinder has failed me, yet I have a lingering hope that I’d meet a rough emerald in this sea of duds. Dating is really hard…